An important lesson

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this particular incident yet.
It’s kind of very late, so bear with me.

I had just sat down in my usual comfy spot near the back door in Art Six with chamomile tea in one of those cute little silver tea pots, ready to tackle the homework of the day when the owner and a girl walked past me towards the room where they keep the artwork that isn’t being displayed in the coffee shop. It’s very possible that I spend entirely too much time there, but I’ve learned to spot the artists whose artwork is hanging when they come in to show someone or to see which pieces have sold. There was an instance that had the potential to be embarrassing and luckily wasn’t. Needless to say, I’ve learned. This time she was picking up artwork that had been displayed in there the past month or so (no, not the screaming sperm girl, another) whose work I had really enjoyed. She had a huge stack of canvases that she was unloading from the closet to take with her and I remarked to her how much I liked a certain piece. Expecting a thank you and maybe the exchange of a few smiles, I was surprised by the conversation that took place. We introduced ourselves and she told me she was a former art education major at UNT, had graduated a few semesters ago and gotten a job teaching art in an elementary school outside of Houston. She told me about her class and how teaching what she loves is the better than she could have ever imagined, which was extremely encouraging. After a bit of time she offered me some of her artwork. She told me that she was in town to finish moving her stuff out of her place in town and she really didn’t have room to take all of her artwork back. It was the neatest thing and I was hesitant to accept the offer because it was her artwork after all. She insisted I take it if I liked it and left me with a simple sentiment that I hope to keep in my memory for a very long time.

“Art is to be shared.”




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