I’m listening to Graci play pretty guitar in our little shared space we’ve created a pleasant home in as my eyes slowly start to close moment by moment. The wind is blowing outside me window, reminiscent of the tornado sounds in The Wizard of Oz that I realize now sound very similar to winter winds and not at all like ” a storm blowin’ up a whoppa” as is so fantastically articulated in that all too familiar sepia-toned scene. The whole town has officially shut down tomorrow (already) and a dorm full of college students restlessly celebrate the night before an already guaranteed snow day. Sometimes I love Texas and our inability to handle moderately inconvenient frozen weather. And I come here to my space reflecting on my day and this month as it comes to a close with overwhelming emotions that I can’t seem to articulate. And right now, as my computer tells me it is very, very late, I’m okay with that. I choose to simply feel, not over-analyze it, not try to understand and pick it apart to try and write about it, but experience it as a living human being who thinks and feels and lives.


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