On Kleenex Brand Tissues (and other things)

Launching soft white wadded sheets of soft loveliness towards my inaccessible, from my tall bed, trash bin is not exactly the way I would choose to spend my Wednesday night, but alas, here I am. Kleenex brand has stupid marketing ploys. No one reads the message on the bottom of their box of tissues, “And when tons of stuff stuffs up your nose, blow it loud and blow it proud!” No one thinks, “Ah geez, Kleenex Brand, thanks for giving me the bit of encouragement I needed to blow my nose; i’m going to buy your brand of tissues because your witty bottom-of-the-box humor has convinced me.” No, I’m just going to blow my nose, dammit. The worst possible day to wake up with flu-like symptoms, my busiest and longest day of the week with my (usually wonderfully) lengthy nonfiction night class, it’s simply not acceptable for me to be sick on Wednesdays. My face chapped and swollen from sneezing and coughing and the constantly blowing my nose only further exaggerated by my droopy eyes, I imagine I looked as miserable as I felt all day. I whispered apologetically numerous times for the aura of menthol cough drops that surrounded me. Regardless of the fact that I have to wake up way too early tomorrow and trek across campus to open the lab, today is done. Happy thoughts of healthy days are what I send to all of you as I grudgingly accept this miserable cold or flu or whatever has been handed to me. Good things, good things, here to stay. Good things, good things, here to stay.


5 thoughts on “On Kleenex Brand Tissues (and other things)

  1. stphn plc says:

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that neither of you get the suggested amount of nightly sleep. I seem to be doing fine.

  2. I think Stephen has a good point. I am pretty much peachy keen. Tambien, lo siento pobre Jennifer… feel better soon! (And that’s an order). You too, Patrick.

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