Failed Attempts and Optimistic Aspirations

Day 243, if anyone’s keeping track.

I realize I promised a post this morning that seemingly didn’t happen. What you aren’t aware of is the fact that I attempted to post via ye ‘ole iPhone, but it wouldn’t ever publish. So, I gave up. It wasn’t important anyways. So I’m adding another challenge to my daily post obligation in hopes of posting significant writing more often for the last one-hundred days or so of this blogging year. Don’t ask me what I plan to do once I’ve hit that year of daily posting milestone, I haven’t decided. Obviously I’m not going to stop writing here altogether. That’s simply not an option. What I do know is that I’m determined to make the best of this last 122-day stretch, and conveniently, I’m enrolled in a nonfiction writing class this semester. It’s a challenging course that is going to be a lot of work. What I’m hoping is to establish some concrete writing habits this semester. I quit one of my jobs after all, so I think this should be manageable. My class only meets once a week on Wednesday nights so my blog is a perfect place to practice independently. It’s really one of those classes where I’ll get as much out of it that I put in, so I’m going to kick ass and work really hard because it has the potential to be great. So, my goal is to post four posts a week that are told in narrative form, but are still in the realm of nonfiction. So much of what I do in the class has to do with memory and recalling the past, so my writing is going to range from events that happened some time ago to the coffee shop earlier in the day. I’ve actually started this already and written this way a handful of times so I think it’ll keep things interesting. If I’ve learned anything yet from this semester, it’s that with non-fiction, half the battle is getting over feeling like your life is too mundane or insignificant for anyone else to care about reading. But, similar to fiction writing, but even more importantly here in Nonfiction Land (kind of like Candy Land but with South East Denton instead of Mollasses Swamp, and Julia Moen instead of Gloppy the Chocolate Monster because, well, you know, they actually exist), the story is in the telling.

So, yeah. That’s all I have. Hopefully this will be a pleasant experience for all of us. I’m carrying my computer with me all day tomorrow so expect a post before super late tomorrow night. Cross your fingers.


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