I didn’t finish this post by midnight, but it is complete now.

It’s going to happen.

I had my first actual day of classes of my second semester of college. I’m documenting this more-so for myself than for you all. Blogging is sort of a selfish commitment for me. I’m okay with that. I keep thinking about how in years and years Ill be able to come back to this space and see this young, naive, silly, emotional teenage girl that I was. How similar we are and how very, very different we’ve come to be. Every day for an entire year. Hopefully I’ll enjoy it as much as I’m counting on it right now. Not that that uncertainty is going to keep me from writing this. In years and years I would want to know that today was the first day of my second semester of college. The b

That’s where I’m stopping. I’ll finish this in the morning. I have an entire post in mind but I said I’d have my computer off at midnight and it is now


So, bedtime for Jennifer. You can blame Julia and her phone call for this abrupt end. Opa!
Lucky for you, I will be sitting in a computer lab, in front of a computer for five hours tomorrow beginning at 7:45. So, not to worry. The completion of this post will happen. You have a completely different kind of sleepy-Jennifer writing to look forward to.

Oh, and I’ve rekindled my love of Corn Chex. Earlier, I found a super special double Chex…thing. Clearly I’m too tired. And my newly hung paper cranes made it in the picture too.

It’s 12:20.

(Updated at 8:30 A.M.)

What was I saying? I have no idea what that last sentence was going to say so I’m not even going to try.

I had my first nonfiction creative writing class this evening (well, yesterday evening, but let’s pretend). While I spent three hours feeling more intimidated than anything, I contemplated something that I realized early in the class time. An important lesson I’ve learned from my short semester and a day of college. The first day of class leaves me with the same impression every time; there is so much I don’t know. Along with techniques in ancient rhetoric, the characteristics of a low pressure system, a decent understanding of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, and what I consider to be useless information about the Texas Government, my first semester of college has introduced me to many things, taught me many others, and uncovered a world of things I realize I don’t know. The daunting task of receiving that syllabus and reading all of the expectations of the course is like being handed a (sometimes lengthy) list of things you don’t know. And while that seems overwhelming, you’re not expected to know any of it yet. It’s wonderful. A world of knowledge at my fingertips.

So I take a deep breath to get over that initial fear, use that anxiety to motivate me to work harder each time, and raise my hand to give knowledge a high five. My new friend. I’m hoping one of these days he’ll introduce me to his good friend Experience.

We’ll see.


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