Remembering, Ridiculous

Little Things

I woke up to a very dark, very rainy, and very cold Denton this morning. I stumbled out of bed, which used to be a more graceful task than it is now since my dorm is teeny tiny and cluttered and my bed is significantly higher than my bed at home, and braved the cold not thrilled a bit about my bike ride all the way across campus to work. I walked across the street to the dining hall I typically grab breakfast in, walked in to hear the familiar sound of Ingrid Michaelson’s “Everybody” playing through the speakers. I immediately smiled, as that song is one of those that has that smiley effect on me (Julia Moen, that’s it! Affect v. effect! I’m not sure I even used it correctly just now. I don’t even care, I’m so happy that I remembered! That just happened. Happy day continues.) I enjoyed my breakfast while a playlist that very well could have been on my iPod played and contemplated how I was going to get to work in this awful weather. Cold and sunny, no big deal. Moderate and rainy, doesn’t phase me. But cold, rainy, and, the worst part, windy, and I’m an unhappy camper. I opted to walk instead of bike, which takes three times longer because from my dorm to work is super downhill. It was either be more miserable for a shorter amount of time or less miserable for a longer amount of time. It was quite dark still, which was part of motivation to walk instead of bike along with the fact that it had already been raining for hours and the streets were really wet. I successfully opened the lab all by myself and didn’t forget everything Derrick had taught me on Tuesday morning. Early mornings on campus are so nice. I like the quiet and calm. It’s different from the emptiness of nighttime which is nice in a different way. I had a lengthy conversation with the friendly and very sweet guy whose (<–Julia, take notes) genuine smile brightens my Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I learned his name and told him mine, no longer "friendly college student with early classes in the Language Building" who exchanges smiles and kind remarks with "curly-haired college student who works behind desk in the Language Building," but faces with names. It's nice. I snagged a campus newspaper on my way in which didn't have anything of interest to me today. I threw it on the desk beside me and noticed the crossword puzzle and comic book section. I read a few. 12 Across, ______ Cuervo tequila. 47 Down, Loyal Japanese dogs. Silly. The comics were moderately funny and at the bottom of the page was a Sudoku puzzle. Never have I had an ounce of desire to do Sudoku. I don't understand their appeal and find them frustrating, but not in a fun way like Spider Solitaire. I grabbed a pencil and gave it a shot anyway, without a clue how anyone goes about solving these things. I spent way too long, expressed my frustration to every student who came in the lab, and eventually managed to successfully solve my very first Sudoku puzzle.

Little things.


3 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. stphn plc says:

    sounds like a pretty good day homie. I woke up sore all over (for reasons I’ll tell you later) but was comforted to find snow on the ground!, but not comforted to find out that all the other schools around are closed. the cold wind isn’t fun, but the snow is. have a fantastic rest of your day!

  2. Julia Moen says:

    Stephen. I read the “for reasons I’ll tell you later” in a really creepy voice in my head. It creeped me out. That’s all. I hope you enjoy the snow though! 🙂

    Jennifer! I’m so glad you remembered!!! Affect and effect. Of course. I have trouble with those sometimes…but not nearly as much trouble as with whose and who’s…..

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