But the little prince made no reply.

In an attempt to avoid being corny or share some useless, seemingly insightful tidbit that slightly conceited individuals, who I made fun of just last night, write, I’m going to do my best with this post as it has the potential to be all of those things.

Once again, I found myself chasing a beautiful setting sun this evening. This happens often. I spot it, and for some reason it’s not enough for me to enjoy it in that moment, I’m compelled to capture it and document it. I drive like a maniac, glancing upward every fifteen seconds to see if I can still see it, if it’s worth it for me even to try, if I’m going to make it this time. I drive down the hill, around the curve, and across the bridge to my perfect new spot to realize I missed it again. Disappointed, I grab my camera anyways, bummed but appreciative that I still get a chance to capture the gorgeous colors radiating from that little bit of sunset left, thankful for the opportunity to create something beautiful anyways. I extend this thought and apply it to so much more than my amateur photography ventures. I try and try, and go to great lengths to reach something, a sunset if you will, to come up short, for things to go any other way as planned, and sometimes, to fail. Right now, my goal for this chapter of my life as I grow and learn and change, is to take those instances as opportunities to create something beautiful. It’s those very instances that become true masterpieces in the end.


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