Before Julia goes to bed

This post was supposed to be titled “Trip down memory lane” but I’m leaving it as it was changed to at two in the morning so Julia could partially read my post before she went to bed last night. I imagine none of you are now up to read this now, as has typically been the case lately. In an attempt to do some (not quite) spring cleaning, we stumbled upon a few little gems from my childhood. Apparently my sister’s closet was more of a black hole than mine was as we found a handful of fabulous items I’d like to document here.

1. Attempts at artwork by Cristina Lioy. Mom’s proud.

2. My first (and only) published illustration. In the third grade, my class wrote and published a book for some competition. I did some of the writing, but my main contribution to Dixie Doodle Dog in Outer Space was a series of fabulous illustrations, one pictured here. Brilliant, I know. You don’t have to tell me.

3. This wasn’t anything old or found, but the artwork in my hot chocolate this evening at Jupiter House. It’s kind of the coolest thing I’ve ever found created in my cup of ho-cho from Ju-ho (I couldn’t resist). Really, this post is more about strange artwork than anything. Whatever.

4. My favorite Little Golden Book read aloud by yours truly. For this to be most effective, don’t watch this video now unless you’re reading this post right before you go to bed. (Read with accent) It’s for fun!


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