Let’s Make Babies In the Woods

I imagine you’ve already noticed this, but my paper crane/origami phase is currently in session. I went through this many, many years ago and spent the entire drive to and from florida on our twice yearly family vacation learning how to fold origami. I made some pretty neat stuff but how to fold a paper crane has always stayed with me. I fold them out of napkins, receipts, gum wrappers, recycled japanese homework, and pretty much anything I can easily cut into a perfect square with relative ease. I have invested in some genuine origami paper recently and I’m jazzed to move back into my dorm and come up with an interesting way to hang them from my walls and ceilings. My RA will love that, I’m sure. My display at my bedroom at home (what I used to photograph the pictures directly above this) is kind of my favorite part of my room right now. I’m excited and I’m sure I’ll photograph whatever I come up with. But, I have kind of a lot of paper (and cranes). Too many to be useful to me, actually. So, I’ve decided to share the love. I saw one of those “handmade pay it forward” things on facebook that I considered doing and reconsidered because facebook is annoying and so are many of the people on it. Instead, I’m sort of bringing it here…except with paper cranes specifically…and you don’t have to continue the “pay it forward” train. So, not at all like that, really. I’m not sure any of you would appreciate them, but if you would, I will gladly mail the first three people to comment on this post one. I promise no lengthy letters will be written on the inside for you to struggle to unfold to read 😉 I’m shooting for three because I can’t imagine there would be a good handful of people who would want me to send them paper cranes, but I could be wrong. If nothing else, you’ll have a handmade gift from yours truly, folded with lots of love and warm thoughts of you and your sweetness. I’ll also throw in something else if I think of something else that’s homemade and fun to share. Whoop.

Also, I thought you should know that a band exists that is named Paper Cranes and their newest album is titled “Let’s Make Babies In the Woods.” I found it funny.




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