Indeed, where there is love, there is no question.

I woke up very early this morning, as you may have guessed from my post this morning as I was unhappily sitting in my car, waiting for it to warm up enough to drive to work. I was slightly bitter. They had called for snow all week and much to my dismay, I did not wake up to find fresh powder on the ground at 6:45 when I woke up to go to work. It was cold and very rainy. I drove to work with difficulty as the large amounts of water that collected on the highway overnight splashed my windshield making the whole process stressful and not at all pleasant. I served breakfast to sweetly smiling old folks who seem to finally know my name now that it’s the last week I’m working there. Bummer. It’s amazing how everything seems to change once you’ve quit your job and you know that the last time you’ll be working somewhere is defined and not somewhere in the distant future. I drove home from work, still rainy, still cold, no snow in sight. I snuggled back into cosy sweater, took my hair down from its messy bun, and hopped back in my bed with a Netflix movie on the agenda for  the rest of my morning. After getting almost no sleep again last night (which is starting to get annoying), I was hoping to avoid sleeping during the day so that I’d be extremely tired and maybe get a normal night of sleep tonight. Unfortunately, the raininess and coziness of my little blue room were too much and I dozed off. I woke up two hours later and it was like my morning had never happened and a new day started completely. Beautiful snow was falling on the already accumulated inch or so of snow on the ground. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect. I’m currently drinking a perfect cup of tea and editing pictures from my adventures in the snow which I promise to post before the day is over.


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