For Sake of Keeping Track and Thankful Thursday

I counted and today is day 224 of consecutive blogging days, so you know.

I was browsing some blogs today hoping to find some fresh ideas to keep this little space an entertaining and valuable place for both you and me to come and I’d like to steal an idea from a handful of other bloggers, even though it’s a tad corny in my opinion. I would like to establish Thankful Thursday here on ye ‘ole blog. I may forget, I probably will forget, but if so, at least today will be Thankful Thursday. I think showing gratitude is essential in finding balance in life and I’ve always believed that writing down what I’m thankful for, regularly, really keeps me grounded. I’ll explain. Some of you may remember that a couple of years ago I created a “Thankful Wall.” Technically, it was a door, but Thankful Door sounds extremely silly. At the top I had cut out and pasted letters that read “I am thankful for…” and the rest of the door was covered in yellow post-it notes. Whenever I had an awful day, I would come home, shut my door, crank up my music, and mope around wanting to complain, vent, etc. to anyone that would listen. Often, I would do just that, but sometimes, I’d grab my yellow sticky notes, a black pen, and write down everything I was thankful for at that very moment, despite the crappy day, the unfortunate circumstances, the anger or sadness I was feeling. What I found was that if I had a way of visually seeing all the things I was thankful for, whatever was making me upset would become very, very minuscule in comparison. Before I moved out in August, I found layers and layers of post-it notes hidden behind my door. Sometimes abstract things like “forgiveness” or “art as expression” to “meaningful conversations” and “progress.” In reality, many of your names were on my door, which I don’t like to admit because it’s kind of creepy, but it was my thing. So, all of this is to say, my Thankful Door no longer exists as I removed the post-its when I moved out. I tried to recreate it in my dorm, but it wasn’t the same and the sticky notes wouldn’t stick anywhere. Thankful Thursday, let’s give it a go.

What are those lame first letter poem things called? I can’t remember, but i’m going to write one. They’re super easy to write.

Thankful (creative, I know)

Time spent creating solely for me, no requirements, no critiques
Having the time to rest, recharge, reevaluate, and renew
Answers, both found and not yet found
Needing to find balance and the hope of progress
Kablam, the word. I’m thankful for the word Kablam.
Friendships that last despite obstacles
Unconditional acceptance
Loving and being loved despite flaws


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