Vuvuzela Magic

I just re-discovered the video documenting the very first day Christine and I had our lovely Vuvuzelas (compliments of that studly hunk of a man, Patrick Burke) (I just think I’m so funny). Anywho, enjoy.

If someone reminds me, I will record a sequel to this once I’m back in my dorm and have access to my Vuvuzela once again. I promise it will be magical and less annoying.


4 thoughts on “Vuvuzela Magic

  1. Julia recently watched this and we were cracking up the entire time…I’m guessing other people might not find it as funny…? My favorite part is when Christine says “Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiing” Bahahahaha.

    • Jennifer Lioy says:

      That’s pretty harsh to call someone who referred to you as a “studly hunk of a man.” That’s quite the compliment if you ask me, Mr. Burke. Hope you’re doing well and are happily back to your desirably busy life again, my friend!

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