Thanks, PostSecret

“Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in 5 minutes. Set a timer for said 5, capture the things you most want to remember about the year that was, and post it here.”

Nineteenth birthday
Prom Baby/Prom Queen, yuh
Stellar summer with stellar friends
Senior skip day of wonderfulness
High school graduation
Touching Bryce Avary
Touching Bryce Avary again (yuh)
Tears at retreat
Tears at West Side Story
San Fran
Mr. Mairs, Mahler, Magic
Learning to play “pong” Dartmouth style
Blogging, Blogging, and more Blogging
New friendship
Hatchet Lady disappointment
Julia being a whiner
Christmas lights, the Coldplay song and the fabulous night
Great conversations
Growth, progress, love


So, I cheated a little. You try it. It’s much harder than you’d think. Oh, and highlight of my night would easily be finding this little gem on my computer…



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