Thoughtful Thankfulness

Sitting in a comfy living room this evening in the best company a girl could ask for, I hinted at my disappointment in myself and my little blog here recently. I like to blame my strange sleep pattern, but really, I just haven’t cared to write or felt compelled to say anything significant. My sweet (and not at all conceited) friends, of course, suggested I write about them which prompted an eye-roll and scoff in their direction from me. My initial dismissal may have been incorrect, as here I am, writing about them, sort of. I would like to reflect on friendship and what makes a group of people who lead completely different lives with completely different histories tick well. Among a certain compatibility, balance of similar interests, ability to entertain, mutual caring, and love comes a factor I think the psychoanalysts and developmental psychologists often fail to calculate into the equation enough. I’ve said this before regarding romantic relationships, but it very much applies to friendships: what distinguishes one relationship from another has to do with how you feel about that person, but maybe more importantly, how that person makes you feel about yourself. Because of the way they care about you, listen to you, offer advice and refrain from offering advice when most appropriate, show love unconditionally, and value you for particular reasons, the reasons you value yourself, and teach you to do just that, they distinguish themselves as quality friends.
Continuing this idea, I believe a few thank you’s are in order.

Thank you

for valuing my writing,

for valuing my opinions,

for valuing my genuineness,

for valuing honesty,

for valuing empathy,

for valuing my ability to love,

for valuing uncertainty,

for valuing my bad story-telling,

for valuing my taste in music, (Okay, that one was just for fun)

for valuing my boringness,

for valuing my creativity, even though it is so unreliable and inconsistent,

for valuing my sensitivity, even if that means I’m uncontrollably weepy,

for valuing selflessness,

and for challenging me to be a better human being.


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