I’m going to need to find a way to balance this whole blogging and schoolwork thing. I’ve realized that the nights I have a lot of writing to do, I’m too burnt-out to write anything of interest to anyone. I’m taking two separate writing classes next semester and I hate to double dip my school writing with my blog writing but I might if I come up with anything GOOD. Meh. I’m nearing on day 200 of consecutive daily posts, in case you were wondering. Five or so days away, so don’t let me forget to acknowledge it when it comes on the 13th, okay? Deal.
This evening (well, morning for me), I’d like to share with you all a lovely gem my dear Madison Morgan wrote a few days ago. She’s an absolutely stellar writer, and challenges me to be a better writer and better person on a daily basis. Just want to send some love her way and share a little bit of her heart with you all.

Her post was titled “A Detritus of a Poem”

Little notes with loopy letters

Tiny pictures with smallish smiles

X’s on days that won’t get better

Cracks and stains on kitchen tiles.

Our days, they come and go

Quickly, fleeting, passing by

I know that you sure won’t

Be stopping by for a while.

The times we are the happiest

The ones we will never know

The moments that I missed

The days that I can show

The weakness that we’re feeling

All of us, we’re here

In touching and in seeing

Eachother we are near.

I’ve yet come to my close

And this is what I say

That because I’m here with you

I need to live today.



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