It’s kind of my thing

I’m taking this post to admit something slightly embarrassing.
I love doing teacher evaluations.
I’m not kidding. I really, really love doing teacher evaluations.
I think it’s because I enjoy letting people know how I feel about them without them knowing who I am. I know, I know. That sounds kind of sketchy. It’s not because I enjoy bashing my annoying professors who bothered me with their extremely early class times, but because I genuinely like and respect them a lot, for the most part. Sure, I complain and complain at times, but I generally like my teachers and always have. There have been a few exceptions, but most of the things that bother me about them I tend to understand. I mean, they have to deal with us every day after all. So, yes, the opportunity, well, the requirement, in this case, to leave them little notes of encouragement saying I appreciate them, their hard work, and their care makes me a happy camper. I’m a freak. But if you’ve ever received an anonymous note from someone left under the windshield wiper of your car, in your mailbox, on your desk, in your bag, in your notebook, or somewhere obscure, it’s very possible (and pretty likely) that it was me. It’s kind of my thing. And if you haven’t been bombarded with one of my extremely genuine surprises, you probably will. Again, it’s kind of my thing.


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