I want to be truthfully true to you

I made a point to not sing for this song, unlike in Tulsa, so that I could record it and forever have a video of this wonderful song sans Jennifer-singing. So yes, I did capture this little gem, no, that is not me singing badly in the background, yes, the concert was beyond stellar, yes, Bryce once again came into the crowd right next to where I was standing and placed his hand on my shoulder as I assisted in lifting him up to crowd surf him back to the stage AGAIN, yes, it was one of the best nights of my life, yes, I wish I could have shared it with you, and yes, I am a very blessed girl. Very blessed, indeed.


Just a calendar day

It’s funny how things can stay the same
Or drastically change
Some things seem so close on some days but still so far away
Don’t know the right things to do (ba ba ba ba)
In fact I don’t have a clue sometime I feel like a tool
And I want to be truthfully true to you
And do all the things that you do
But when I hate everything about the mean things that I say
It feels like I mess up so much and I can only say
“i hate everything about my ways”
But you tell me I’m OK
And one day one day I know you’ll say

“B I’m so glad you made it”
“oh well Jesus thank you so much for saying that”
Because the truth you know is that I have just been hating so many things I do
But now I realize forever that you’re my friend
No matter what you will never leave me to fend
I don’t know much but I know we will be
As happy as a 1950’s TV family
Except times infinity


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