Rainy day, rainy day.

It’s eleven in the morning. I made it back to my dorm after my english class was cancelled just in time to ride back across campus in that perfect breeze right before a storm. Safe and sound in my little cave, I closed my window to keep the rain from coming in, but my curtains remain tied to the side. A cup of hot tea sits to my side as I enjoy the sound of the rain and thunder from my cosy little space, and for the first time, this place feels just right. My own temporary sanctuary. A safe place from the stormy exterior, the scary world. The creamy walls, my yellow curtains, and perfect warm light make it a little bit sunnier today, despite the stormy reality, just what I need. Greg Laswell softly sings to me and says “The dream would go on and on/ While we sway/ Against all things thrown our way/ And the morning would be so cruel/ When it came/ With sunshine and warmth to bring/ For announcing the end of my sweet dream” and right now,
I feel okay.


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