Recycled, Ridiculous

Something to Consider.

Once again, SoulPancake has prompted a post this evening.

The latest “Big Question” posted by one of the co-creators of SoulPancake provided an excellent prompt I wish to try.

What’s more conducive to creativity: happiness or depression?

Sometimes, I read a handful of responses before formulating my own opinion, but today I have decided to refrain and come write first.

My initial thought was “geeeezzz, tough question.” I immediately tried to justify how it could be one in some cases and the other in other cases. For some individuals it would be one and for others the opposite. On and on, without any substance, rhyme, or reason. After some consideration, the conclusion I have come to myself is one similar to ‘well, it depends on the person’ but I’ll expand a bit. I think creative inspiration comes when we are feeling most out of the ordinary. I can pretty confidently say that rarely is a person inspired every minute of every day. I haven’t met anyone that that statement holds true for. It’s something that comes due to certain feelings, experiences, emotions, happenings, interactions, circumstances, conversations, or lack of any number of things. Sometimes you create inspiration for yourself. So, I believe conditions that make you most uncomfortable or are out of the ordinary are most conducive to creativity. When something new, different, or foreign takes place in your life and you care to share that with the world, those are the opportunities for creativity. When you are generally content, something that makes you feel horribly upset or unhappy can be the catalyst of stellar inspiration, and your work reflects that. When you are at your very worst and someone or something, a single conversation, an interaction with your sweet puppy dog, whatever it is, sparks hope or joy or a feeling that seems so far from what you were feeling before that moment, and you’re motivated to create. That change from one to the other, it’s that trigger that matters.


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