It’s not procrastinating if I finish the night before, right?

That title should lead you to believe that I did indeed finish writing an english paper. Moments ago, actually. Not my best and I’m beyond tired of writing this evening. So, I’m just not going to. “I will not let the blog control me,” was it? I believe so. That being said, I would like to share a little something with you that has been on my mind this evening. Yesterday during class, my english prof shared what he said was the best bit of advice his mentor had ever passed along to him. I believe this sentiment can be applied in any form of creating as is not specific to the writing process by any means, but it’s an important one. “He said, “trust the process.” Think about that while you do whatever you do after you read my blog and let me know your thoughts on this whole idea of valuing the process in which you invent and produce something. Maybe I’ll say a little somethin’ about this not at two in the morning one of these days.


2 thoughts on “It’s not procrastinating if I finish the night before, right?

  1. sjcwebsite says:

    Not only “Trust the process.” Further — The process IS the product. Whether it’s writing or doing the laundry or facing a tsunami, volcano, or earthquake. It’s not WHAT we go through, but HOW we go through it that brings the meaningful result.

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