Recycled, Reflection, Remembering

I’ve got (a) soul/Day One-Hundred Fifty

It’s as though the whole world is on my side once again. I was in the process of saying goodnight and getting ready to hit the hay, when I thought I should check my calendar to see what day of posting I’m on so that I don’t miss an important ten day mark and I realized that today,

Sunday, October 24th is my

150th Day of Consecutive Daily Posts!

Naturally, this calls for King Kong party hat celebration, even though it’s crazy late. This one’s pretty dang cool, I have to admit. Who knew I’d make it this far? I definitely had my doubts. I value this now. It’s important. It’s more than I realized when I decided to create this little space with humble beginnings, just hoping to find a place to document this part of my life. I think that’s part of what I was trying to say in my late post last night. I value documentation and recording things because I value progress and I value the ability to witness and recognize that progress. 150 days of my life are forever placed in this little, black and white, cheerful and emotional, little time capsule that I’ll be able to dig up years and years from now. 150 days of feeling, breathing, loving, caring, wishing, hoping, dreaming, giving, living to reflect on and say,

“That was me. That girl, right there with the curly hair. The one who cared so much and wanted to share her heart with the whole world. She might have only reached her community of friends and family and the handful of strangers who stumbled here by accident when they were trying to find ways to ‘radiate joy all around us’ and google landed them here, but that was enough. That’s her. And you know what? I’m really proud of us, young, eighteen year-old Jennifer. We’ve come so far.”


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