So, here’s the deal.

Obviously, my little space here is lookin’ a bit different. My three a.m. decisions aren’t typically my best, but I think I actually like this. I don’t like how you can’t see my posts in their entirety. I’m trying to see if I can change that. It’s only annoying because I posts photographs and videos often and you’ll have to click the individual post to see them and you wouldn’t necessarily know it’s there automatically. I might have to indicate near the beginning of the post or something. We’ll see. You just have to click [read more…] which I’m assuming you’ve figured out if you’re reading this. It’s kind of annoying, but I like everything else. We’ll see if it lasts. Sometimes I wish I had starting blogging through Tumbler. I don’t like Tumbler very much as a blog host, but, those are some sexy blogs. I’m not kidding. So, I’ve done some tweaking here and there. You might have noticed I added a “Projects” page up top. There I’ll be keeping track of all of this there. I’ve also re-vamped my pictures page. There’s some more recent work but mostly my favorites. So, feel free to click around, see what’s new, and let me know what you think. Please and thank you.


2 thoughts on “So, here’s the deal.

  1. stphn plc says:

    I dig the layout, the pictures, and the accomplishments (one of them more than most of them) and basically everything else about the blog. Well done homie.

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