(Hardly) Workin’

*I meant to post this earlier. Whoops.*

I’m at work.
Right now.
It’s 3:40 in the afternoon.
I’m pretty sleepy and could really use a cup of coffee.
Now would be the appropriate time to drink coffee.
I’ve decided to conduct an experiment.
I will prompt each person who walks in the lab in the next twenty minutes with, “Hey, how’s it going?”
And record their immediate response (or lack of response) here for you all.
Then, next week, when I work again, I will do something else. I haven’t decided what. I can’t be rude to them…because I’m at work. Maybe I’ll say nothing. I don’t know. I might not even remember this come Tuesday of next week. But it gives me something to do right now.

Ready. Go.
“Hey, how’s it going?”

“Good, good. You?”
“It’s goin’.”
“I’m just dandy.”
“Can I print in here?”
“Pretty good, how are you?”
“Not terrible.”
“Do you guys have printers?”
“Alright, you?”
“Oh, it’s goin’.”
“Good, you?”
“Doin’ alright, how ’bout yourself?”
“Is this a general access lab?”


It was an extremely slow time of day. Haha.



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