To a Place Behind the Sun, Just a Step Beyond the Rainbow

I have a small handful of tidbits from my weekend to share with you. Sorry to disappoint, Patrick. No crazy, wild happenings took place.

1. This evening’s magnificent sunset (captured via iPhone)

2. I found this menu and shopping list of my dad’s from a dinner he cooked last night pinned to the refrigerator today when I went home. The next time my dad decides to practice his audition for Top Chef (not really), I’d like to be invited. And yes, it does list “mussels with shrimp glazed risotto cake in a smoked tomato consomme.” What the heck? Remind me again why I eat in a dining hall?

3. Frankie Boy. I hate how people who make youtube videos have to make them extremely corny. If I could put songs here that I wanted you to listen to without a cheesy youtube video composed of a bizzarre combination of stills of wildlife, I would. So, just listen to the song and find something else to look at for three minutes. Deal?

4. Milestone. Whoop!




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