Recycled, Reflection


Because I don’t know what I am doing now,
and I wont try to act like it ’cause i sure don’t know how.
And I’ll admit that I don’t know, just where I’m going on this long and winding road
that’s taking me to what will be my home.

So stare and see that this is me,
and I will be just what I need to believe
that something is what I’m gonna be.
And what you do is what you do,
and what I do needs to be true.
The things I do maybe need to be thought through.
But I know what I want to do
and I want it to be true.
And yeah I’d be the first to say that of course I’ll listen to you,
but remember what’s right for me, might be not right for you

Young Bryce Avary is pretty fantastic. Mostly his hair and his little baby face. Perfection.


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