She’s cool.

I have great news to share, all.
I invented the perfect breakfast!
(actually, the credit goes to my mom, but whatever)
It is what makes me want to wake up in the morning and start my day!
It is what I look forward to as I find myself wearying throughout classes
It is what I know will always be there for me (unless the cafeteria doesn’t have oatmeal, which would be tragic)
I have been eating oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon
AND toasting a piece of bread and putting (a lot) of butter on it
and then!
I put the oatmeal ON the bread and take a bite and let it take me to a place were I will never hurt!
Where I will always be happy!
For you, Julia Moen, my oatmeal sandwich eating freak; your favorite song.
(Disclaimer:this song is kind of really scary and mildly offensive. Listen at your own risk)

One thought on “She’s cool.

  1. 😀 You have no idea how delicious it is.
    Also, haha best song ever. Though, honestly, while the song is really quite scary, I actually think it is really important. I think it really actually touches on a huge problem in our society. A problem that diminishes what sex is and why it is. You know? I read a blog called Conversion-Diary and she wrote this article:
    That is what this song reminds me, though I feel pretty sure Kate Nash wasn’t thinking of the pro-life sacredness of sex that the Catholic Church teaches when she wrote this song. But the stuff in the article makes me wish that sex was more highly valued. It would prevent lots more pregnancies as well as preventing the worthless used feeling Kate Nash is talking about.
    How’s that for a response. Haha.
    But, really. You da best.

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