Until the dawn it brings another day to sing.

I forgot this song existed until just now when it very opportunely filled my headphones from my favorite Pandora station. Excellence. This could quite possibly be on my top ten most listened to song list. I vividly remember the time of my life when I first (and most often) listened to this particular song. An image of the last summer vacation we went to Mexico Beach, Florida. We went there twice a year, every year for most of my childhood, preteen, and early teen years and then our lives became too busy to do that and my sister and I began to have summer commitments. The very last time we went, a lovely family joined us and I had theĀ privilege of galavanting the gorgeous white sandy beach with my favorite friend, Hannah. It was that very same trip that we happened to be laying on that very same white sandy beach where I watched my very first meteor shower (which I believe I posted about a few weeks ago, maybe more). I have the image of the room we stayed in, with blanket beds lining the floors for her brothers to sleep on. I remember the book I read that trip. I remember buying snow cones and sparklers we lit at night. I remember the smell of the kitchen when my dad cleaned their catch of the day. And I remember this song.

Oh, and

Happy Day 130!


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