Hay un amigo en mi.

Sometimes I wish I kept a file of posts that I could whip out on nights like tonight where I’m super unmotivated to write. An “Emergency Use Only” post for when I almost forget and don’t have anything to say when I remember (or am so kindly reminded). It feels like such a cop-out just to post song lyrics because I only feel compelled to do so because I’m too lazy to actually come up with something to write. Geez. Burden. I suppose this will just have to do tonight.

Hey, I don’t have an obligation to write something meaningful every stinkin’ day. Geez. I might add a “useless” category over there to the right. The majority of my posts will probably end up being filed under that particular category as I deem them ALL useless. Well, not all of them, actually. This one for sure. Does anyone know what day I’m on?

Wait for it.
The third in this post is coming.


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