I’ve got sunshine.

When I post from my phone, I miss these kinds of things. So, I’m cheating to back-track a bit to celebrate…

My 300th Post!

Excellent. Pretend like I never missed it. I missed my blog’s 1st birthday the other day. What a fail. I just realized it last night too. Oh well. I’ve already apologized to him. He has forgiven me but it still a little peeved at the whole situation. Slackin’, blog. Slackin’ to the max. I might post later. We’ll see. I have a large pile of philosophy studying to do. Whoop.

Well rested, having gotten enough sleep for the first time in weeks, I closed my dorm room door this morning to find a sticky note with a few words of encouragement written on it. I grabbed a bowl of oatmeal and rode across campus with my favorite scarf tied around my hair. I sat on a perfect bench next to these beautiful flowers, sipped a cup of my favorite chamomile tea, and was grateful for a perfect start to my least favorite and longest day of the week.


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