I have made the executive decision to rename the main library on campus Willard.
It’s super cutey.
Way better than Willis.
I don’t think they’ll mind.

I’m studying my life away all week in hopes of avoiding cramming come Thursday for two exams Friday. But, I’m opting to take a moment to post because I felt compelled to. Three cheers for studying. Hip, hip! If I could take a Philosophy class every semester until I graduate, I would. But really.

“And someone does not see and object because it is a seen object, it is a seen object because someone sees it. Someone does not lead and object because it is a led object, it is a led object because someone leads it. Something is a carried object because it is a carried object. It does not occur because it is in a state of occurring, but it is in a state of occurring because something caused it to occur. Is that which is loved either the cause or the effect of something else? And the same holds as in the previous instances; the effect of something being loved follows the cause of someone loving it. The effect does not come before the cause.”

I’m wearing that stupid bow in my hair all the time right now since I chopped off my bangs and they fall in my face when I’m studying. It looks like I really love wearing it because I wear it so often, but really, it’s out of necessity.


3 thoughts on “Willard.

  1. Julia Moen says:

    Good news! You CAN take a philosophy class every semester: be a philosophy major! 😛 That’s what my dad majored in…for awhile…I’ve always thought it seemed really awesome. I can’t wait to take a class! 🙂 P.s. you’re a super cutie all the time and also, we have a building on campus called willis too!!! Actually, I think that’s where the philosophy classes are. Willard is much cuter. I think I’ll name my first son that (or daughter, whatever). Blah blah blah. Can you tell I’m procrastinating-But I’m proud of YOU for NOT procrastinating, you little studier! 😀 Love you!

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