Rainy, Reflection

Dear (Insert name here)

So, today was a beautiful day in Denton town. The first in a very, very long time. My red bicycle friend and I spent the day together basking in the sunshine, searching for the most epic hill to fly down. We were successful. On my way home from church, I stopped to lay in the grass on a hill to view the most beautiful sunset that was distracting me too much to ride on by, pretending not to notice. When I want nothing more than to have one of your perfect hugs, to grab an excellent cup of coffee with you, to belt out Coldplay, and to pretend like nothing at all has changed when I know everything has, it was a comforting fact knowing that all of you who seem so far away at this moment, saw that very same sun set.

So, to all you who are distant,
my love.

I felt compelled to document (no surprise) those perfect moments, lying in the grass watching the sunset, and this is what has become of it. It was kind of chilly, surprisingly, and I think that might have been the cause of the shakiness. I videoed for twenty minutes, then sped up the recording to fit into thirty or so seconds. I think it’s neat. Had I been carrying my tripod and (broken) Canon Rebel, I would have tried to do stop motion taking a still every twenty seconds or so and then pieced it together. Another time, I suppose. I’d be pretty impressed, but not surprised, if you can identify the song I used in the video just from the sped up intro instrumentation.


3 thoughts on “Dear (Insert name here)

  1. stphn plc says:

    guess who finally brought their headphones to the computer lab.

    PICK ME PICK ME!!!! that would have to be no other song than Don’t you want to share the guilt? by the wonderful kate nash. thank you, thank you all.

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