Dear you,


So, I spent way too long contemplating this particular letter, wrote a few things, revised, and couldn’t muster up the courage to post it. I couldn’t be too cryptic with this one. But, this particular song is what I do have for you this evening, particular person.

Oh, and today we crossed the 6000 views mark. Still exciting, which is a very good thing. I had a significant number of new readers today, for a complicated reason. Welcome, if that applies to you. I think I need a place on my blog that explains the whole writing daily thing as well as whatever challenge I’ve taken on just so I feel like anyone who stumbles into my little sanctuary has a better idea of what they’re looking at and why they’re looking at it. Maybe tomorrow (when I’m waiting at the dentist). I wish I could realistically display my hatred for going to the dentist here. I’m not sure that that kind of loathing is expressible in written word.

Geez, I’m dramatic. Why do you read this crap?


2 thoughts on “Two.

    • Jennifer Lioy says:

      You’re just such a wonderful person. The affection I feel for you is verging on innappropriate.
      I hate all of this.

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