To a beautiful friend.

This evening, I’m opting to write a letter to my favorite fifteen (almost sixteen) year old twin. Lightyears ahead of where I was two years ago, I’m so proud and so blessed.
I’m so glad you get to be mine. It’s a wonderful situation, chickadee.

My sweet girl,
When everything seems to tear you down,
When you lose a bit of yourself and find the part of you you wish would just go away,
When you don’t care to care anymore,
When you feel that nothing you do can change their mind,
When you feel unheard,
When you wish you could change the way he feels about you,
When you’re overwhelmed by your emotions so much that you’re unable to sort,
When you want to celebrate just making it through the day,
When you feel selfish and unworthy,
When you want to tear yourself up for being that girl,
When you forget how beautiful you are,
When you want to show the world who you are but can’t out of fear of being judged,
When you don’t feel smart enough, beautiful enough, badass enough (oh wait, that was me),
When you feel
not good enough,
Remember this: You are brilliant, bold, beautiful, and badass in every single way. You, m’dear, are very, very much loved.



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