Thirty days? Puh-leeze. Easy peasy.

So, I’ve seen a few people attempt to do this and it’s been super boring reading their sappy letters to their bff’s saying how “awesome” they are and such. I’ve decided to take on the Thirty Day Letter Writing Challenge. I’m hoping to continue to write my own regular posts if I feel compelled, but I have a feeling this might actually turn out pretty cool. I’m changing some of the really lame ones that I don’t think either of us will enjoy writing/reading. If I think this is too easy and it gets boring, I’ll stop. No promises. I’m not going to post the official list of who I’m supposed to be writing to everyday. I’d rather be extremely vague and cryptic. I don’t imagine it’ll be hard to tell though. Sometimes I wish I were a bit harder to figure out. If you really care, you can google “Thirty Day Letter Writing Challenge” and read the list. I’ll try and stick to it but I don’t imagine I’ll write to “the last person [I] made a pinky promise to” seeing as I have no idea who that would have been. If you really object to me doing this, tough. I’m sorry? Or something.

I might write the first one later tonight. I’m still doing homework and our E-campus thing has been down so I haven’t been able to take a quiz that’s due tomorrow morning by eight. Epic fail. Stay tuned.


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