You Are Capable of Tremendous Creativity.

Despite the fact that it was one of the worst shifts I’ve worked (I was extremely close to quitting tonight, actually) as I was already having a lousy day and had/have many more important things to do tonight, the universe did its part to try and make the whole situation slightly less miserable. Interestingly enough, we served Chinese to our grouchy old people, and we handed out fortune cookies. As we all know my affinity for fortune cookies (well, really just the fortunes inside of them) I might have hoarded the little white slips of paper they left there. So, I have an extensive collection of fortune cookie fortunes that I didn’t have the privilege of opening, but I somehow felt compelled to take with me. I’m not sure what I’ll do with them, but I have some ideas stirring. Laurel even found one for me that was unopened that I just opened and documented along the way. My paper I wrote last week seems a little more real today. A welcome gift, indeed.


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