Every time I get seriously close to forgetting to post, I get really worried I’m going to actually forget one of these days and it’s going to be extremely upsetting. But until then, I don’t have much tonight. I jotted something down yesterday during my philosophy class about intentions. In class, this topic was brought up in a discussion about avoiding sin and doing good solely in fear of punishment after death. Someone spoke about their feelings on the topic saying that it is selfish to live this way because you’re only concerned with yourself and if someone chooses to do good works for a reason other then because it is right, then they might as well not be doing them at all. This concept I think applies to serving in general. I know I’ve done so multiple times out of obligation or to receive some sort of reward. So I pose a question that I would love to read your thoughts on: do you believe the intention behind the deed as important as the deed itself?


3 thoughts on “Genuine.

  1. Julia Moen says:

    So, I’ve been thinking about this… and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that it is not necessarily bad to do service work because, for example, you have to for an organization, or as a part of your Church, or even because you believe it will help you get to heaven. I mean, it is better to do a good deed just because it is the right thing to do, but I think that, even if you’re serving for a different reason, you recognize that service is the right thing to do. And, most importantly, you’re doing it. Even if your motives are selfish, the people you’re serving don’t recognize that and it doesn’t matter to them. So, in conclusion-SERVE. Just remember who and what and why you’re serving and put LOVE into it. If you get some sort of person gail or fulfill an obligation, fine, if you don’t, better.

  2. stphn plc says:

    Can you really serve selflessly?

    I think the service is more about your attitude when you are actually serving, not before or after. If you can be selfless in the moment, I don’t think your prior obligations or desires have to get in the way. People CAN tell your attitude when you’re serving them, and even though they benefit from your service regardless of your attitude, a good attitude can keep them from feeling degraeded about receiving charity and inspire them to help others. Of course there are other types of service, but when coming in contact with who you’re serving directly, its best to be mindful and receptive to them which (for me at least) tends to happen when you don’t worry about how or why you’re there.

    (I meant to post to this a long time ago and even though this isn’t completely coherent, I felt like i should at least contribute something… sorry its so late.)

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