Hermine, you SUCK!

NOTE: Don’t read this if you find my complaining annoying or unpleasant.

Since when did my morning walk to class involve a tropical storm? Typically, rain and I are good friends. I love that he feeds the earth and makes everything green and beautiful. I love that when he visits, he brings lovely clouds and wind with him. Sometimes, we even dance together and it’s quite lovely. But on my walk to class, bright and early, and my obvious lack of preparation; let’s just say that rain and I aren’t really on speaking terms. Miserable. Why didn’t I buy a pair of cute rainboots all those times I considered? And why didn’t a purchase that raincoat? Oh yeah, because I live in TEXAS where those things are almost never necessary. That was my impression yesterday when I realized I didn’t own an umbrella. Fail. I bought a dinky one in the bookstore that was, of course, no match for Hermine. That’s the storm’s name. LAME. It’s not acceptable that you get soaked on your way to class to have to climb over people to find a seat in a crowded lecture hall and sit in your gross wetness, elbow to elbow with your neighbor, to have to race out because you have seven minutes to walk across campus to your next class because it’s raining too hard to safely ride a bicycle through a sea of umbrella bearing students. Unacceptable!


4 thoughts on “Hermine, you SUCK!

  1. stphn plc says:

    its raining here today too, and of course my beautiful bike is sitting outside because i decided to ride it to class today. obviously, i’m not suffering nearly as much as you are, and i’d like to send my condolences. i’m (mostly) enjoying the rain

    and patrick, you’ve got one screwed up notion of “nice”

  2. Jennifer Lioy says:

    Sunny in the seventies sounds fabulous right now. I think that sounds fabulous all the time, really. It’s actually really bad here. I’m not sure anyone is really enjoying it. They’re closing roads because the flooding is so bad. No fun. AND I have a very limited shoe selection with me that includes all my Toms and a few pairs of sandals. I’ve resulted to walking barefoot through the puddles and holding my Toms as I fumble to try and keep my umbrella from flying away or flipping inside-out. Thanks a lot for abandoning dear old Denton during its time of need, jerks. Just kidding. I wish good weather to be sent your way.

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