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The Starting Line (And Not the Band).

I don’t call myself a writer. I think that title suggests a certain ability and level of skill for writing and I’m not sure I’m very good at writing, I do know that I love to write. That being said, as a person who loves to write, I’ve been handed the task of writing in a way that I don’t ever choose to write. So, instead of writing what I’m supposed to write, I’m going to post about it. That makes sense, right? I enjoy the challenge of creative writing but I worry that I’m going to fail miserably and that inability is going to be extremely frustrating and discouraging. This whole experience is similar to the one I had around this time last year when I was asked to create art, specifically paint and sketch, solely from inspiration. I had a pretty hard time with the whole creating as self-expression thing. It’s one thing to be trained technically, in any trade, but a completely different thing to invent. Limitless of invention but limited by my own capabilities and imagination, I don’t even know where to start. Do you tell your own story? Do you tell a variation of your own story? Do you steal someone else’s story? Do you think of a story you already know? Do you analyze? Do you organize, then write? Do you ignore rules? Do you ignore structure? How does it end? Where do you draw inspiration? Where do you start?


4 thoughts on “The Starting Line (And Not the Band).

  1. I wouldn’t call myself a writer either, but I usually carry a little notepad around with me and just write down any and all ideas I have for my blog down as soon as they pop in my head. Even if they sound stupid. Then when I have time to write I just read what I wrote and sometimes get inspired even by the dumb ideas.

    • Jennifer Lioy says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! I know a lot of artists use this technique, so I’ve started carrying a sketchbook with me everywhere and sketch when I have even the slightest inclination to sketch. I’ve heard of people keeping a notepad or a sketchbook by their bed because they often wake up remembering vivid dreams and they document them in the moments when the dream is easiest to remember. I’ve jotted down things few times in the notepad in my phone but I never feel compelled to want to write a narrative. I might even touch on writing narratives on my blog without realizing it, but having to write one is extremely foreign to me. It feels completely different knowing that a professor will read it as opposed to my non-judgemental group of friends and a few strangers that stumble upon my blog. Know what I mean?

    • Jennifer Lioy says:

      I imagined Tina Tina’s voice, well, you imitating Tina Tina’s voice, when I read that.

      I knew this creepy girl one time. She was a big weirdo. One day, she left. She left this world. The world was slightly less creepy.

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