Day Eighty-nine (Second Post)

As I deny sleep thanks to my late-night coffee buzz, I don’t mind the thunder outside my window. This place feels less foreign everyday. A temporary place to rest, to grow, to learn, to share, and to discover. A good temporary. It’s wonderful to be given the opportunity to share my life with new people, new faces with experiences, stories, friendship, and ideas. And the promise, that this whole slightly terrifying experience presents me, is neat, for sure. As I wait for sleep to come, I think about how I waste time, not trying to stop change, but failing to accept it gracefully. I think about a beautiful man who taught me that life is short, and I undoubtedly feel that very much now that he’s not here to smile with us anymore. He smiles over us, I just know it. So if he doesn’t get to be here anymore and I do, I owe it to him to be a light. To embrace change as it comes and do my very best to find my way when I feel lost instead of taking the road I know all too well.

Tonight, as I wait for sleep, I think about how it’s enough just to be alive.
be alive.


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