Day Eighty-Eight

I just got back from a fantastic evening which handed me exactly what I needed. It feels like such an accomplishment to meet new people. It’s not something I’ve ever had an easy time doing, but really, it’s never been something I’ve ever had to do. I’ve kind of spent my time with the same group of people for many years and new people came along and joined that group, but never starting from scratch. Tonight I was on my own, no person to latch onto, no partner in crime, and I’m quite pleased. I think it takes a little dash of courage, which I typically lack. But I was surprised to find that maybe I am interesting and can be engaged in interesting conversations and have something valuable to contribute. I’m not typically proud of myself, but right now, I am. It’s a nice feeling. I feel like this might actually work for me. I might have found a really neat place to be educated, and more importantly, to learn about myself. Rad, indeed.


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