Day Seventy-Four

“I have a confession to make. I spent many, many hours thinking about how I would make my half of my very first college dorm “my own”. I arrived armed with my own chair in a sand microsuede with patching pouf for additional seating, and the most amazing raw silk curtains in saffron and blood orange that I would attach to the Ikea bed canopy curtain rod we ended up drilling into the concrete walls. I thought my side of the room was a modern Morocco, complete with some beautiful lanterns I’d found at a yard sale. And my roommate thought I was a huge pain in the ass.”

I stumbled upon this little gem of a comment a little while ago. If you thought this was something I wrote, don’t worry, I did as well. It’s possible that someone else is walking around on this earth who thinks exactly the same way I do. So, I have a problem. We all knew that I had an internet shopping addiction and that Etsy is undoubtedly my weakness, but, little did I know, the idea of decorating (even a teeny dorm room) opened a very large can of worms disguised as throw pillows, lamp shades, thrift store furniture DIY projects, and gorgeous textiles. If my career as a cupcake shop owner fails, I might just have to try interior design.

Remind me to post about guilty pleasures later this week, please. SO great.


One thought on “Day Seventy-Four

  1. Patrick says:

    If cupcake baker/art gallery owner doesn’t pan out, plan two was plastic surgeon in Brazil. If that doesn’t work, you were going to paint in Italy while I was a gondolier.

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