Day Sixty-six

It’s kind of a relief that no one us opting to read my blog right now.
I hate this.
The Little Prince for the win. He deserves better than my lousy blog, but oh well.

“I’d like to see a sunset.. Do me a favor your majesty… Command the sun to set.”
“If I commanded a genera to fly from one flower to the next like a butterfly, or to write a tragedy, or to turn into a seagull, and if the general did not carry out my command, which of us would be in the wrong, the general or me?”

“You would be,” said the little prince quite firmly.

“Exactly. One must command from each what each can perform,” the king went on. “Authority is based first of all upon reason. If you command your subjects to jump in the ocean, there will be a revolution. I am entitled to command obedience because my orders are reasonable.”

“Then my sunset?” insisted the little prince, who never let go of a question once he had asked it.

“You shall have your sunset. I shall command it. But I shall wait, according to my science of government, until conditions are favorable.”

“And when will that be?” inquired the little prince.

“Well, well!” replied the king, first consulting a large calender. “Well, well! That would be around… around… that would be tonight around seven-forty! And you’ll see how well I’m obeyed.”

My sunset.


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