Day Sixty

When I return to the world after the kind of week I just had, I feel all too fragile. I feel as though at any point, I could lose this. It takes so much to get here, and so little to fall very hard. Sometimes I wish I could take the entire world with me, show them what I see, tell them what I hear, help them feel as I do, so that I’d have no trouble returning to this world when Monday rolls around. I miss the security of retreat. I miss not worrying about being criticized or accepted. It’s like in Where the Wild Things Are when they all sleep in a pile. It’s safe. It’s home. But, I still have that beautiful group of people who create that safety, that security, that comfort. You all do, ACTS or no ACTS. So, if I tell you that I love you over and over again, it’s because I do. If I cling to you, it’s because I still very much need you. If I open my heart to you, it’s because I’m reaching for someone to care.

God only knows what I’d be without you (all and Bryce Avary).


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