Day Fifty-Nine

For those days we felt like a mistake,
Those times when love’s what you hate
We keep marchin on

For those nights that i couldn’t be there,
I’ve made it harder to know that you know
That somehow
We’ll keep movin on

Theres so many wars we fought
Theres so many things we’re not
But with what we have
I promise you that
We’re marchin on
We’re marchin on

We look for love and instead find temporary feelings that leave us feeling like something is missing. We long to be loved. We yearn to fill an emptiness that nothing seems to be able to fill. We look to relationships and material things to fill that void that only someone who loves completely and unconditionally can fill. The moment you realize that only Christ has that ability, to heal, to forgive, to care, and to love a love that is sufficient, that doesn’t leave you disappointed, will be a life changing moment. And if you look for Christ in the people who surround you, you just might find something more real, more pure, and undoubtedly more wonderful than you could imagine; honest love. The day I realized that I would put Christ at the center of every relationship, every struggle, every celebration, the center of everyday, was very joy-filled. You’ll have to figure that one out for yourselves though, and once you do, it’ll probably be a constant struggle as it is for me.


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