Day Fifty-Two

“Only love has been able to overcome all obstacles,
only love has persevered until the end,
only love generates love in others.”

I’ve been searching, for a pretty decent amount of time now, for something real to post tonight and feel relatively embarrassed that I was so lost in my thoughts. Sometimes I get frustrated that I don’t have words of my own that hold value to share with you all. Maybe I having unrealistic demands by expecting that every single night. So, to avoid once again posting song lyrics and other things that most of you find meaningless but happen to make more sense to me than most of my own words, something that is, indeed, valuable, meaningful, and real.

“Love explained everything to me. Love solved everything for me. That is why I admire love wherever it is found. If love is as great as it is simple, if the simplest longing can be found in nostalgia, then I can understand why God wants to be greeted by simple people; by those whose hearts  are pure and find no words to express their love. God came this far  and He stopped a short step away from nothingness, very close to our eyes. Perhaps life is a wave of astonishment, a wave of height and depth: Don’t ever be afraid.”


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