Day Fifty (Second, and more useless, post)

I just watched an instructional video on how to make a bow with my hair. Best way to spend ten minutes at 1:30 in the morning after drinking coffee (evidently) too late? That would be a yes.

And yes, the feeling is indeed mutual. I am the coolest person I know too. Crazy coincidence, right? That Jennifer girl, she is a class act. wuddup.


3 thoughts on “Day Fifty (Second, and more useless, post)

  1. That’s amazing! Though, I don’t mean to copy Julia, I believe the adjective “jsd;lkfjhklsdbvnlkhbgiub” is in order because your hair is totally rad. Time well-spent.

  2. Jennifer Lioy says:

    I actually took a few pictures of myself trying to achieve a certain balance and this one was the most ridiculous. I thought it was a good choice. In another version, I had a clown nose on. I’m thinking it was a wise decision in not posting that one. Haha. I’m glad you both enjoyed it.

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