Day Fifty-How long will I stand here obstructing love’s way?

Fifty days of posting everyday. Very, very rad. Big day. Big week. I don’t have much to say. I have delayed processing issues this week. It’s taking my brain longer than it should. It’s chill. I do my best. You’ll get something worthwhile sometime soon. Until then, I give you Bryce. He gets it.

And oh how the war wages on
The battle of my heart
The face, the face of truth is what I want
And all that I’ve discovered is

Nothing matters
Just tell yourself
Again and again and again
That nothing matters
All of our wealth, again and again and again

Nothing matters
Pride will shatter
Our words will never be enough
‘Cause nothing matters
But love

The things I chase
That status I crave
It’s nothing, it’s nothing
We invest with the bankers, but not in the maker
Think about it, think about it

And I am the culprit,
I am no saint
How long will I stand here
Obstructing love’s way?


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