Day Forty-four (third post)

I had to share my excitement as I had my four-thousandth blog view moments ago. So if you looked at my blog somewhere in between twelve and one a.m. you are very much appreciated. I almost never catch my stats quickly enough to capture this. Thanks again, rad iPhone. You all are at fault for this wonderful milestone that encourages me that much more to keep writing, even though I usually feel my writing is pointless and lousy. Sometimes I’m quite pleased though, so it’s still worth it. I plan to continue, until further notice, at least. I don’t see myself abandoning this for a very, very long time. Keep reading and responding. The best part of all of this is that I openly share my life with you all and you have a starting place to begin sharing yours with me. I promise I’ll get better about being brave enough to not avoid talking about my writing in person if you continue to openly share. If I have gotten anything from my weekend, it would be feeling, the overwhelming sentiment, “Jennifer, you are not alone.” You’re not alone. It is 12:56. You are loved.


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