Day Forty-Five

First post from home in a few days, it seems. I may or may not have just dyed my hands red. I know you can’t tell by this picture, but it’s kind of alarming actually.

Anyways, glad to be home. Glad to sleep in my own bed tonight. I’m beginning one my busiest weeks followed by one of my favorite weeks of the whole year. The anticipation and stress might be too much. Nah. I’m pumped and ready to tackle every challenge that comes my way. This weekend was exactly what I needed to prepare myself spiritually for the next two weeks. I’m pumped and stoked and every other synonym for excited as well as quite nervous, but undoubtedly more of the other. I’m on a Rocket Summer kick (when am I not though?) so this is what you get. Sorry he’s made so many appearances on my blog. I’m not actually apologizing. His music is kind of that important to me. That’s how it goes.

And if you haven’t had your Bryce Avary fix yet, another.


3 thoughts on “Day Forty-Five

  1. stphn plc says:

    never fear my friend, one can never have too much bryce avary. i’m stoked that you’re stoked, even though i don’t know what for


    • Jennifer Lioy says:

      I appreciate ‘cha.
      Someone posted “Go Julia” in all seriousness on a video of our last orch concert with DiFiore singing Sinatra. I laughed because they weren’t in on the joke.

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