Day Forty-three (second post)

I’m overwhelmingly grateful to have you in my life. Your decision to show me kindness and love just by caring about me enough to read this, brings me an immense amount of joy everyday. I realize that I’m often not the most gracious of people. I’m selfish and complain far too much to be decent and acceptable. Know that I’m thankful for you for choosing me, accepting me, loving me regardless of my flaws. Know, also, that it is 1:25 and you are loved. Very, very much loved. I owe you much more than I have to give right now, as I’m once again hiding while posting as my cell phone light was bothering my dear friends, but know that I appreciate you and thank you most sincerely. If you’ll accept it, I’d love more than anything to show you my heart and share my life, via this blog, for a long time, regardless of annoying I manage to put it in writing, with you, You, and you all. Thanks for being alive and for caring.


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